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The Web 3.0 Era Has Arrived!


Web 3.0 Era Addressing has a better method than Google for finding web content about a specific person, company or brand. Instead of using computer algorithms, the results are hand curated by the actual subject of the search.

Social Media

Web 3.0 Era Addressing unifies an individuals various digital identities and web presences under a single address. Consequently, you are able to follow a person's posts in a unified way no matter what social platform they are using to post.

Web Content

Web 3.0 Era Content is borderless providing for a futuristic and next generation feel. This content can be in the form of images, videos, virtuals, apps, games and web pages. Use the HyperWired browsers to view this new cutting edge web content.


Web 3.0 Era Music provides for a next generation user experience designed with multi-tasking in mind. In addition, it hyper-wires music content to the music artist's digital identities, web presences and other Web 3.0 content allowing for better discovery.

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