Frequently Asked Questions

Wired Addresses

As with domain names, the address is available to all third party developers. Basically, a Wired Address is a domain name on steriods. The business model does not allow costs to be covered by advertising in much the same way as domain names.

Wired Addresses can be thought of as Domain Names on steroids. While a Domain Name primarily points to one web presence, i.e. website, a Wired Address points to all of the owner's web presences no matter where they reside on the web. Unlike Domain Names which are primarily targeted towards businesses, Wired Addresses are just as useful to individuals.

The embedding allows the web to be hyper-wired together. A single Web 3.0 content asset is wired to all the other web presences for the particular content provider.

The Wired Address files are located at

URL: http://wiredaddress.com/WiredAddressName.wired
The files are XMLs enclosed in a binary file.

HyperWired Browser

It allows compatiable web pages to communicate with the HyperWired so these web pages can launch Wired Addresses & Web 3.0 content. The minimize button at the top right hand corner allows you to make HyperWired as small as possible so it does not interfere with your normal work on your computer.

Web 3.0 Content Creation

Widgets are installed on your system while Web 3.0 SWFs are cached like standard webpages.

Add the content to your current website directory. If you do not have a website, Amazon Web Service's S3 product is a great solution for your hosting needs. Learn more.