The Web 3.0 Browser To

Upgrade Your Web Experience!

Windows Version

By downloading the Web 3.0 Browser Beta, you are agreeing to our Web 3.0 Software License.

Android Version

Install the Web 3.0 Lite for Android on your device.

Web 3.0 Browser Beta


Installation Instructions
Step 1 Download Web3.exe from this page.
Step 2 Double-click Web3.exe.
Step 3 Click "Continue".
Step 4 Click "Yes".
The Web's Visual Upgrade

Today, the web is presented through the rectangular window of the web browser. From a user experience point of view, this severely limits the web developers' ability to create next generation user interfaces. There exists a great divide between the user interfaces of the current web and the one represented within Hollywood movies and television shows. The Web 3.0 Browser Beta pulls web content out of the rectangular browser and places it directly onto the user's desktop. Web developers are now free to create next generation content that is non-rectangular. By launching with over thirty web platforms, the Web 3.0 Browser can handle anything from music videos to photos to games. This allows content creators from movie studios to photographers to game developers to participate in producing exciting new web content as the web moves from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Explore Over Thirty Content Categories

The Web 3.0 Browser Beta has over thirty built in platforms from Music Alphas to Alpha Games to Virtual Art. After installing the Web 3.0 Browser Beta, click the top left button and it will launch our Featured panel. Here you can start to explore what the Web 3.0 world has to offer. With time, we will be adding Featured Content into each of these platforms for you to experience. If you have created Web 3.0 content, you can submit your content to us on the Create webpage for inclusion into our Featured section.


Tab Control

Express Search and Wired Address Launcher provide a quick way to view multiple webpages. As each webpage is opened, it is opened in a new tab which is not desirable. By using the Firefox browser and making a configuration change, each webpage will open in the same tab making the experience much better.

Alpha Player

As with traditional browsers, the Web 3.0 Browser displays content that it located on the web. If you purchase FLV files such as Artist Avatars that are downloaded to your computer, you can use our Alpha Player to play these videos and still have an alpha transparent background.