Instagram Posts

Checkerboard Your Posts

Step 1 In the Web 3.0 Browser, launch this checkerboard.
Step 2 Launch the Web 3.0 Content.
Step 3 Place the Web 3.0 Content on top of the checkerboard.
Step 4 Launch Instagram.
Step 5 With the flash turned off use your mobile phone to take a photo.
Step 6 Click the Web 3.0 Content than click the Share button on the Web 3.0 Browser toolbar.
Step 7 If you have a special Highlight web page, use that page instead.
Step 8 Click the Twitter icon on the panel labeled Share Web 3.0 Content.
Step 9 Type the URL into the Instagram post.
Step 10 Add wording such as “Launch this Web 3.0 Content at #web3 #alphapaint”
Step 11 Press Share on Instagram.

Other Social Networks: You can also use this basic technique with other social networks that share photos. On Windows, search for the application called Snipping Tool to capture the image and save it to your desktop.

Checkerboard Posts

Since Web 3.0 Content has an alpha transparent background that can not be expressed within a Instagram post, you can create a special image that does denote a transparent background to your followers. Use the same technique image editors use to show transparency, a checkerboard background image.