Music Artists

Benefit from the Web 3.0 Era

Make Sales

For successful music artists, you can sell Music Avatar greatest hits albums for $5.99 and up. Promote it by sharing one free track with your fans. A Music Avatar is a next generation music format that shows you performing from head to toe directly on the user's desktop. View an example on our Home page's overview video. This music format is very quick and inexpensive to produce. Third party studio and editing costs are usually between $450 and $1,000 per track, while our studio's price starts at $125 per track.

More Exposure

For those fans who use your Web 3.0 Content as desktop decoration, you gain daily exposure. If your Web 3.0 content is added to our Featured section, you will gain more exposure. Fans which add you to their Wired Follows will increase exposure to your social posts.

Generate Royalties

Participate in our Music Channel and we will produce a FREE Music Avatar for you. When the content is played within our channel, you will receive a royalty.

Deeper Discovery

Wired Addresses assist fans with discovering your web presences they have never seen before. As you gain more web presences, add them to your Wired Address so fans can easily find them.

Inexpensive Content

Most of Web 3.0 Content is inexpensive to produce. In addition, a lot of your current Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 content can be re-purposed into Web 3.0 Content.

Increased Sharing

By providing fans with unique Web 3.0 Content and your Wired Address, you increase the chance of them sharing these with their friends and followers.

Protect Brand

Get your band's name before someone else registers it.

Help Charities

By adding a “Donate to” entry at the bottom of your Wired Address, you can help increase exposure for you favorite charity.

Raise Engagement

Your fans will raise their engagement with you by 1. discovering all your web presences, 2. experiencing your new Web 3.0 content and 3. saving your Web 3.0 content as desktop decorations.