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After 20 Years of the Status Quo, the new Web 3.0 Era has a web addressing system that takes into account that an individual or business has an ever growing number of digital identities and web presences. While the "static" nature of a domain name system (i.e. DotCom) simply points to a single web presence, the "dynamic" nature of a Wired Address allows it to be easily edited and pointed to dozens of web presences. Initially, a person's web presences were primarily social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the newest web presences are media content sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. This web presence proliferation makes it harder for an person's friends and followers to easily locate and experience all that the person has across the web. Basically, the Wired Address system is a new layer over the current web addressing system that unifies all of a person's web presences under a single web address.

Follow Across Social Platforms

Wired Follows is a Multi-Social Platforms following tool which acts as a unified social feed so with one button navigation you can view all of the regular social platform postings of an individual, celebrity or company. They simply flag which entries in their Wired Address that they wish their followers to view those posts. By allowing small and new social platforms to be included in this unified social feed, it opens up true competition in the social media world. While you are waiting for your friends to get their own Wired Address so you can "fully" follow them, we have created a list of popular social media personalities that you can start following right away. By having your own Wired Address, you are now free to explore and post on new social platforms and still have followers find those posts. If one social platform bans or hides your posts, just post on a new one and flag that entry on your Wired Address.

Hand-Curated Search For Better Discovery

Wired Addresses are basically hand-curated search results created by the target person themselves who, of course, has the best chance to knowing all of their digital identities and web presnces. This allows for better discovery than search engines for friends and followers. Compare for yourself... search Britney Spears on Google and compare to her Wired Address of BritneySpears>>. You will also find that search navigation with a Wired Address is much faster than with Google since there is no page scrolling and no clicking from search results page to search results page. In addition, if the person has Web 3.0 Era content, it will be listed and launchable on their Wired Address while the content is not available on a Google search results page.


Even though Wired Address files are substantially larger than domain name files, the pricing is similar. Since Wired Addresses are designed for individuals, unlike domain names, the pricing is consumer friendly. The annual pricing is $8.99 which includes up to 100,000 yearly hits. For companies that expect substantially more hits, the price is an additional $2.00 per 100,000 hits.


Your Forever Address

A main benefit of the Wired Addresses being dynamic is its inherent long term persistence created by the ability to easily modify the Wired Address to follow your digital identities and web presences as they change over the years. While over time social networks and social content sites can come and go, Wired Addresses will be there to provide your friends and followers with your current web presences. This allows you to easily switch your preferred social networks to which you post content and still have your followers keep current with you. Since your Wired Address is your "forever" address, register one now so you can get that perfect name.

  Live Contacts List

A Wired Address can include your email address, phone number and/or address so your friends and family always have up-to-date contact information for you. This Live Contacts system in which you update the information is better than the old system where you email people of the change in contact information. Some forget to update the inforamtion while others you may not have emailed in the first place. When a "Call Me" or "Email Me" entry on your Wired Address is clicked within our HyperWired browsers, the your phone call or email interface is launched with the appropriate data.

Avoid Censorship

Having your Wired Address make it onto your follower's Wired Follows, solves a number of censorship problems. First, if a social platform's algorithm removing you from the fan's feed, the followers will still see your posts in their Wired Follows since the posts are actually on "your" feed within that social platform. Second, if you get banned from a social platform, you can switch to another social platform or a Wordpress page and your followers will see your posts on their Wired Follows. Lastly, if your domain name is taken by ICANN, your server's IP address can be placed within your Wired Address so your website can be found by followers.

Open System

While the Wired Address files can be used within our HyperWired browsers to allow a person to quickly surf through all of your digital identities and web presences, the Wired Address file is also freely accessible by any third party developer or website for their own usage. These developers can parse the file and use the data to create their own spins on wiring an individual's Wired Address to their own web or desktop application. Using our open code libraries, web developers can also launch Wired Addresses from their web pages directing into our HyperWired browsers. This open system also allows content creators can also embed Wired Addresses directly into their new Web 3.0 content so this content can be "hyper-wired" to their other web presences and web content.

The ">>" Identifier

Wired Addresses are uniquely identified with a >> at the end of the Wired Address name such as Supasang>>. This identifier makes it easy for friends, family and followers to recognize your new Wired Address as you share it in emails, social posting, etc. In addition, it allows software developers to parse Wired Addresses within text to provide for custom services.

Designed For Individuals & Businesses

Using the Wired Editor, you can easily setup your Wired Address by filling out a simple tree menu with your web presences and contact information. The Wired Addresss can be as basic as containing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to as complex as containing hundreads of web presences for a multi-national corporation.

Share & Launch

Now that you have registered your Wired Address, it is time to share it with friends, family and followers. While your new Wired Addresss can be directly entered into the Web 3.0 Browser, for those who have not already installed this browser you can share a Wired Launch page which will guide them through the installation process and the launch of your Wired Address.

Tell Your Friends So They Get Their Perfect Name

Since your friends will have their Wired Address for the long term, it is important for them to get their perfect name. Just as the best DotCom names went fast, it is expected that the best Wired Addresses names will go quickly. So share this webpage with your friends today.


After you register your Wired Address, you will use the Wired Address Editor to input all of your web presences. These web presences can be Web 1.0, 2.0, or even the new 3.0 content. Businesses can even include other Wired Addresses of their sub-brands within the editor. As your web presences change, you can easily update your Wired Address to reflect these changes.

Reserved & Disputed Wired Addresses

While most Wired Addresses are publically available, we have reserved a number for celebrities, large companies and future auctions. If you believe that a Wired Address has been reserved for you or your company, use the Reserved form below to request the Wired Address. If you believe that a third party has unfairly registered a Wired Address that should be awarded to you or your company, use the Dispute form below.

Developers & Designers

Web, app, widget and desktop application developers can use Wired Address to create Wired Address Viewers or parse the data for custom features. For example, a user can give a personal home page site their Wired Address and the sites developers could parse the Wired Address data to find the user's social presences such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That data can then be used to create social icons that link to those sites. When a user adds a new social presence to their Wired Address, a new social icon will automatically show up.

Use the code below to share a Wired Address. Address Name Here>>

Wired Addresses can be shared with the Hyperlink as follows. Supasang>>

<a href=">>">Supasang>></a>

The Wired Address file contains the raw Web 3.0 address which can be used by developers to create Wired Address viewers or to create their own spins on wiring an individual's Wired Address to the developer's own web or desktop application. For example, a user can give a website their Wired Address and the web developer can parse the data looking for social network entries. The website can then create icons which link to these social networks. Wired Address files can be accessed with the code below.

GET: Address Name Here.xml

A Wired Address can be launched directly from a third party web page to a HyperWired browser using the code library below. Try this Demo. Simply add this file to your server and add the following code to your web page...

<script src=""></script>