Wired Address

Get Your Perfect Name Before It's Taken

The Web's New Top Layer

After 20 Years of the Status Quo, we have a digital address that is 10x more flexible than DotCom and unifies all your digital presences. Our Wired Address System is the new top layer of the web since it places a “dynamic address layer" above the current DNS, Domain Name System. The DNS is most recognizable to the public as DotCom since its most popular domain name ending is “.com”. Our Wired Address System is structured similarly to the DNS in that they both look up an alphanumeric name in order to find an associated web address. While the DNS returns only a single web presence, the Wired Address system returns the URL location of an XML file that can contain the URL addresses of hundreds of webpages.

Wire All Your Web Presences

Our Wired Addresses unify all of a client's web presences located across the web into one web address. This solves the Web Presence Proliferation problem caused by individuals continually adding new web presences to their web identity. Initially these web presences were primarily social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the newest web presences are media content sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. This web presence proliferation makes it harder for an individual's friends, fans and followers to easily locate and experience all of the individual's or business' web content. Wired Addresses solve this problem by unifying all of their web presences under a single web address. Unlike domain name files that point to only one web presence, Wired Address files contain all of the individual's web presences no matter where they are found on the web.

Open System

While the Wired Address files can be used within our Wired Launcher allowing a follower to quickly surf through all of the individual's web presences, these files are also freely accessible by any third party developer or website for their own usage. These developers can parse the file and use the data to create their own spins on wiring an individual's Wired Address to their own web or desktop application.


Even though Wired Address files are substantially larger than domain name files, the pricing is similar. Since Wired Addresses are designed for individuals, unlike domain names, the pricing is consumer friendly. The annual pricing is $8.99 which includes up to one million yearly hits. For companies that expect substantially more hits, the price is an additional $8.99 per million hits.

Designed For Individuals & Businesses

While websites require a web designer for creation, Wired Addresses can be easily setup by the individuals themselves. A person only needs to fillout a simple tree menu with their web presences. The Wired Addresss can be as basic as containing an individual's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to as complex as containing hundreads of web presences of a multi-national corporation.

The ">>" Identifier

Wired Addresses are uniquely identified with a >> at the end of the Wired Address name such as Supasang>>. This identifier makes it easy for friends, family and followers to recognize your new Wired Address as you share it in emails, social posting, etc. In addition, it allows software developers to parse Wired Addresses within text to provide for custom services.

Tell Your Friends So They Get Their Perfect Name

Since your friends will have their Wired Address for the long term, it is important for them to get their perfect name. Just as the best DotCom names went fast, it is expected that the best Wired Addresses names will go quickly. So share this webpage with your friends today.

Designed For Long Term Use

A main benefit of the dynamic Wired Address System as compared to the static DNS is its inherent long term persistence created by the ability to easily modify the Wired Address to follow the registered holder’s web presences as they change over the years. While over time social networks and social content sites can come and go, Wired Addresses will be there to provide your friends, family, fans and followers with your current web presences. This allows you to easily switch your preferred social networks to which you post content and still have your followers keep current with you. Since Wired Addresses's business model provides revenues through registration similiar to domain names, you can be confidient that Wired Addresses will be here for the long term.

Naming Ideas

If your first and last name are taken, here are some naming ideas you can use instead of going straight to placing a number behind your name. MrJohnSmith (Mr./Mrs), JohnEdwardSmith (middle name), JohnSmithCalifornia (location), JohnJohn (nickname), JohnSmithTheEngineer (occupation), JohnSmithTheRunner (hobbie), JohnSmithLovesBurgers (loves), JohnSmithGoTrojans (team), JohnSmithUSC (college).


After you register your Wired Address, you will use the Wired Address Editor to input all of your web presences. These web presences can be Web 1.0, 2.0, or even the new 3.0 content. Businesses can even include other Wired Addresses of their sub-brands within the editor. As your web presences change, you can easily update your Wired Address to reflect these changes.

Reserved & Disputed Wired Addresses

While most Wired Addresses are publically available, we have reserved a number for celebrities, large companies and future auctions. If you believe that a Wired Address has been reserved for you or your company, use the Reserved form below to request the Wired Address. If you believe that a third party has unfairly registered a Wired Address that should be awarded to you or your company, use the Dispute form below.

Share & Launch

Now that you have registered your Wired Address, it is time to share it with friends, family and followers. While your new Wired Addresss can be directly entered into the Web 3.0 Browser, for those who have not already installed this browser you can share a Wired Launch page which will guide them through the installation process and the launch of your Wired Address.

Mobile Viewer

Using the Web 3.0 Browser on your desktop computer is the preferred way to view a Wired Address since the Web 3.0 Browser can launch Web 3.0 Content. However, you can use the web page viewer on mobile phones and tablets to load Wired Addresses and launch Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 content.

Developers & Designers

Web, app, widget and desktop application developers can use Wired Address to create Wired Address Viewers or parse the data for custom features. For example, a user can give a personal home page site their Wired Address and the sites developers could parse the Wired Address data to find the user's social presences such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That data can then be used to create social icons that link to those sites. When a user adds a new social presence to their Wired Address, a new social icon will automatically show up.

Use the code below to manually create a share link for a Wired Address.

http://share.digitallimelight.com/wired?Wired Address Name Here>>

Wired Addresses can be shared with the Hyperlink as follows. Supasang>>

<a href="http://share.digitallimelight.com/wired?supasang>>">Supasang>></a>

Wired Address files can be accessed with the code below.

GET: http://wiredaddresses.digitallimelight.com/Wired Address Name Here.xml

The Wired Address file contains the raw Web 3.0 address so if you desire to display the Wired Adrress and allow users to launch Web 3.0 content, you will have to append the Web 3.0 address with the code below.

http://share.digitallimelight.com/wired?Web 3.0 Address Name Here>>